ERU-900 Wireless Emergency Event Unit Long Range up 1,000 ft Indoors, Supervised

You will be so happy with the NEW ERU-900. Whenever there's an Emergency, a quick press of the Pendant (wear it on your wrist, neck, or handheld) sends the signal to "Get Help Fast!" The Caller is triggered to deliver the emergency message! The Pendant is water resistant and can even be worn in the shower or bathtub!

The ERU-900 is so easy to use. Residents or family record their own voice message (in any language) then enter the telephone, pager or cell phone numbers that they want it to call in an emergency. When the ERU-900 receives an Event Signal, it automatically delivers the pre-recorded message and will even continue call back if the number is busy or there is no answer.

The Good Part Is -- when a called party answers they can "Listen In" and have a 2-Way conversation to determine what the emergency is.

The Best Part Is -- with the ERU-900 technology, I feel safe, secure and confident that the Call For Help message will get through; it's been tested to have an open air range of up to nearly a mile!

There are so many wonderful features with the ERU-900. You will sleep well knowing the ERU-900 is awake 24-hours a day -- 7 days a week. Get the ERU-900 for family, residents, or friends. You will be so happy you did!


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